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Multi columns lookup


New Member
Hi, I am posting this request since I am not able to find a solution to what I am looking for. I attached the sample file to be used as reference.
I have 3 tabs:
"Data" contains a list of Style codes in column C and from column E to P(it may vary and become longer) I have as a header a feature name and in the cells below, identified with TRUE/FALSE, we can see if that feature is available for the style code
"Config list": here we have the current list of features(could be longer). the feature name is in column A and in Column B there is the Feature code.
"Import_Data": inside this tab I have the style code in column A, please note that here the style code is 3 digits longer than the one in sheet "Data". in Column AS I have the field Technologies. the result expected is to lookup the first 6 digits of the material codes in column A, find them in sheet "Data" and return the codes of the features marked with TRUE(split by a comma if multiple values are found) or left blank if no TRUE value is found. in column AS I have put the expected result. the number of material codes in column A can vary.
hope the description above is clear enough! thanks in advance for the support!



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i would do so but this is not a function i know unfortunately...i've tried some vlookups and index functions without success...

Marc L

Excel Ninja
Range.Find is well explained in VBA help and Match is the worksheet function so to see in Excel help …​
Notice a clever parameter worksheet would be the Config List data directly in the Data worksheet in first line just above the headers​
in order the Config List worksheet is useless, no more needed …​


New Member
thanks Mark, i think it is about my competencies though, i'll try to find another way :)
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Marc L

Excel Ninja
thanks Marc
Any chance to well design at least the workbook with an unique parameters worksheet like explained in post #4 ?​
(only Data worksheet without useless Config List worksheet)
The better design, the simplest & fastest code …​