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MS Access query - Get date format in query result

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ThrottleWorks, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. ThrottleWorks

    ThrottleWorks Excel Ninja


    I am writing below mentioned query to get date for pending items.
    The results are correct. However, visually I can see date in number format.
    How do I mention in my query to show results in date format.

    Can anyone please help me in this.

    Code (vb):

    SELECT POC, [project name] as Project, [project status] as Status, [Planned End Date] as My_Date from my_database where [project status] ='PPP' order by POC
  2. Chihiro

    Chihiro Excel Ninja

    Try something like...
    Code (vb):
        [project name] as Project,
        [project status] as Status,
        FORMAT([Planned End Date], "Short Date") as My_Date
        [project status] ='PPP' order by POC;
    ThrottleWorks likes this.
  3. shrivallabha

    shrivallabha Excel Ninja

    Sorry for digressing from the topic!

    @Hui @r1c1
    I am thinking that for such questions we should have a section named "Other Office Applications" as once in a while users will come up with such queries regarding MS-Word or MS-Access and they may get good answers.

    Obviously, from solution viewpoint it really doesn't matter where a question is being posted.
    ThrottleWorks likes this.
  4. ThrottleWorks

    ThrottleWorks Excel Ninja

    Hi @Chihiro sir. Thanks for the help. It is working great.
    By the way it seems Access wants to keep user busy with use of ' and " symbols.

    Have a nice day ahead. :)

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