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MS Access - How to get only few columns from the table


Excel Ninja

I am using below mentioned query to get the data from table.

FROM [Employee Directory]
WHERE ((([Employee Directory].[Dept])='Services'))
ORDER BY [Full Name];

In the original table, I have 13 columns.
How do I get only 4-5 required column from this table.

How do I edit this query.
For example, I need columns Full Name, DOB, Dept, and DOJ how do I do this.

Can anyone please help me in this.

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
I think, replace select * with

select [Employee Directory].[Full Name],
[Employee Directory].[DOB],
[Employee Directory].[Dept],
[Employee Directory].[DOJ]

Perhaps it also needs a comma at the end. Actually do not remember that detail.

or even simply
select [Full Name],
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