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More Donuts


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Hi - I am trying to create a Donut (with consistent colours regardless of value) - I have attached a file with picture of what I am trying to create and a once set of figures which is the total number of questions, the second lot of data is the total number of questions distributed by implementation and score (LOW, Medium, High).



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Setup a chart you want with one series of data
Rick click on the chart and save as a Template

Select the next set of data and insert a Donut chart
Right click on the chart and select Change Chart Type
Goto the Templates Tab and select your template


Repeat for the other series


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Back in 2019 you demonstrated the solution to a charting problem I had been attempting for many years. "pct_circle_chart". Back in 2009 I was going to bore and stroke the engine in my modified Jeep Cherokee and wanted to build it in Excel before doing so physically. Many years ago, builders talked about Compression Ratios, and while a good reference, I had learned about dynamic Compression Ratios that are affected by Camshaft selections with all other components remaining constant. Wanting to retain the ability to continue using Regular gasoline, I had to stay within certain criteria.

So after hundreds of hours of work, I have a reasonably good Jeep Engine Build Calculator as long as you want to build a Jeep 4.0 Liter I-6.

Most Tabs are Protected because of the time I've spent on developing this, but the first Tab "Engine Build" is not, and it is the one I have a question with. On the right side of the sheet is an image of the Valve Timing for a specific Camshaft. I have dynamically charted the timing with both the donut chart to the right of the valve timing events, and the spider chart to its right. I would like to over lay the spider chart on top of the donut chart, but when selecting a different Camshaft, the length of the arms change ruining the appearance. If possible, I would also like to display the "degree" number at the end of the arms for the specific event.

The file is too large at the moment, so I'm going to try to pare it down to a size that I can upload... Even with only required Tabs remaining, the file is too large; 1.5 MB. Zipping did little to reduce the size. Is there a way to get the file to you to look at without uploading it here on the forum?

Best Regards,


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This provides at least a screen shot of the two charts. The one bounded in red is a static example only.

The small table under the heading Valve Timing provide the data for converting it to polar chart data in the table labeled Valve Timing Chart Data.

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