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Monthly Average Excluding Most Recent Month


New Member
Hi All.
I'll apologize in advance for posting pictures, but unfortunately, I have no way to get data from my work computer to this site, and I don't have Power Bi on my personal computer.

I am trying to chart an average line that excludes the most recent month of data (see chart pic below) - this is because for the last month the processing is not complete (only quickly processed items are complete) which skews the average, so I don't want to include it. As you can see in the chart I achieved the shortened average line effrect I wanted, but the values are wrong...

I used a modified calendar in a new average measure (which excludes July). I have figured out that the modified calendar is having a weird effect on the two measures that are used in the average. I can see they are cumulative (rather than just the current month) and cumulative in reverse (newest to oldest). I'm still fairly new at Power BI so I just can't figure out why this is happening or how to fix it ???

Is there a better method to achieve what I want with the average line, but without sacrificing the July bars in the chart? I am reporting through the end of July, but only want to show the average through June.

The table visual shows the raw measure values - Total Workdays & Total Requests as well as the Average. Those are followed by my new average calc that I tried with a modified calendar (measure formula shown at top). The last two columns are the two measures used in the average, in the context of the same modified calendar.