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MIS Analyst Salary in Bangalore for MNC?


New Member
Hi, I am awaiting the final HR discussion for the role of MIS Analyst in a retail MNC in Bangalore. I have 14 months of Advanced Excel Analysis experience. How much salary I can ask during remuneration discussion. Please help me..


Well-Known Member
Having worked in India from 2012-2015 as MIS Analyst, I can say that:

Internal hike varies between 5-15% of existing salary (same/diff team)
External hike upto 30% of existing salary (diff company)

The hike is redistributable i.e. it is not necessarily cash in hand. It can be in terms of benefits i.e. more into health/ dental/ pension/ provident fund/ travel allowance etc. Depends on company

But 14 months experience is not much as an MIS Analyst so hike may not be high. As I said depends on company.