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Microsoft CRM export into Excel reports

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Hello, I'm a newb at Excel and need to create a report using data exported from MS Dynamic CRM. I have four advanced search/report items that i created in CRM.

1. Total cases written per week

2. Total cases written by representative

3. Total failure by product

4. Top three failure by product

The problem is once I export my reports from CRM to Excel, I pretty much get a broad view of data. I need to create a formula or queery to get the info into a simple to read report.

Right now I'm having to read through all the data and tally the info. This may be easy for some that know Excel but given my lack of expertise, I'm struggling to figure this out. The goal would be to have one report that I run in CRM that exports into an Excel templet that gives me the the answers to the four qwery questions above.

Any ideas about where I should start in Excel would be great.


Excel Rōnin
Hi, wldock!

Never used CRM but what you asked could most probably get achieved using pivot tables. Consider uploading a sample file (including manual examples of desired output), it'd be very useful for those who read this and might be able to help you. Thank you. Give a look at the green sticky posts at this forums main page for uploading guidelines.



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Never utilized personal CRM however what you asked could most likely get accomplished utilizing turn tables. Consider transferring an example record (counting manual instances of wanted yield), it'd be extremely valuable for the people who read this and could possibly help you. Much obliged to you. Give a glance at the green tacky posts at this discussions fundamental page for transferring rules.
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