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Micro Loan Business Excel Sheet Template


New Member
Hi Guys

I am trying to find or create a excel sheet for a microloan business with some sort of automation.
something to capture customer details, loan amount, interest, start and end date of loan and then open or cosed status. could someone assist?


Active Member
Enter these Column Titles on Row #1 beginning in A Column :

customer details, loan amount, interest, start date, end date, open status, closed status.

Then you can enter the specific details on each row, in each column ... one row per customer.



New Member
lol, i would ask on a excel expert forum for that answer :p
my requirement would be more of a report/summary dashboard with the inputted date mentioned by u


Active Member
There are plenty of financial record samples on the internet.

Otherwise you would be best served to produce a sample of what you envision and provide a download link for others to review so they can
give you a suggested answer.

At this point, a volunteer is simply guessing.