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Merging Tables from a SharePoint site using Power Query


Hello all and thank you in advance.

I am trying to use Power Query to extract information from a folder in a SharePoint site. I have multiple tables in the folder and I know how to merge tables from a local folder but I am receiving an error when I try to do the same thing from SharePoint.

I can open a file from the SharePoint site using Power Query.

Been using my reference books but I can't find anything that has any relevance.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Excel Ninja
Is it SharePoint list? If so, unless you have ProPlus or other full PowerQuery license you will be missing import from SharePoint list function in PowerQuery.

There are several ways to workaround this.

1. Leverage Access DB and import SharePoint list there. Use PowerQuery to import data from Access.

2. Directly connect to MS SQL Database, if you have access.

3. Use Export to Excel. And make PowerQuery connection to exported file (you can use VBA or other means to refresh exported table as it will have live connection to SharePoint List). Or just use the file with connection/table as is.