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Merging several workbooks in power BI


New Member
Hi. I have 16 workbooks with the same structure and type of data. I have tried all combinations to add them but I am not being successful. From get data I go to folder and then combine and transform. I think that what I am perhaps doing wrong is the combined files screen which I have also attached as a shot screen for clarity. I always end without the order and shipping dates columns. Them both are missing no matter what I try. I tried different combinations like choosing the top file rather than the "First File" option too as seen in a youtube video. I realise from the several videos that I have watched that this is not an easy one to answer so thank you very much in advance.

Also, is there a way in Power BI to just load several workbooks without consolidating them?



New Member
Hi. I have now resolved it and was quite easy really in the end but thank you for your time.
Alan, if they were too big why I can see it was sent? Thank you