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Merge two Pivot tables for easy filtering


New Member
Hi everyone!

From a table (given in the attached workbook - Data_Prabhath.xlsx ), I am looking to get a pivot table as shown in the image Example_of_required_result.PNG.

I am able to create two separate pivot tables (PivotTable1.PNG and PivotTable2.PNG) from the data, but am unable to consolidate them into one single table for easy filtering.

I have tried to add the second table's fields in the first table, but the result was not as expected.

I request your help.

Thank you very much in advance.



New Member
Thank you very much for your reply.
I really appreciate your help.

As I want to be able to use one filter to filter all the data, and not have to use multiple filters (as the original data I have has about 28 questions and 6 filters), your suggested approach might not be exactly what I am looking for.

I would be really grateful if the final result would look like the one you showed, but could also be filtered all at once.

Thank you once again.


New Member
Thank you for your reply.

By filtering, I wasn't talking about filtering the data present in the pivot table.
I was talking about filtering data from the main data using the PivotTable 'Filters' field.

The attached workbook might give an idea of what I'm trying to ask for.
If I want to filter the data by Gender, I now have to filter each Question separately. I want to be able to do them all together, as I have lots of questions and filters to handle.

Appreciate your help.



Excel Ninja
Could You explain
- what would You like to get from ... something?
... without naming - how?
... ... if You naming - how? ... then there could be some challenges to You that Your named feature!

There could be millions of variations - what could get from Your given data?
... and ... should Your data be in that layout?

What is easy for someone, could be something else for someone else.