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Matching spreadsheet


New Member

I am a complete Excel beginner having previously only used relational databases and want to make a spreadsheet that will match mentors and mentees. I want to be able to put in a mentees gender, area they want mentoring on and perhaps a few other variables and for the database to throw out a selection of up to 5 possible matches that the mentee can then choose from. Currently there are only about 100 mentors and one spreadsheet with columns headed by topic and lists of mentors names under and another which you can look up the names and contact details of mentor on (attached but with data removed). I am looking for some help on where to start really. if anyone can point me to some good tutorials online and what I need to be looking up in order to create this (or if it's even possible?). And is it possible to create a form using excel that the mentee could fill in and produce the matches themselves or would I need to do it and email the results?

Thanks for any



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