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Match multiple columns in two worksheets and copy/paste missing information


New Member
I have been stuck on this issue for some days now and I have searched through several forums but no luck. I will try to explain my issue as simple way as possible.
I have a ws called “Equipment List” that is overview of an inventory. I also have several ws called “Request lists 1”, “Request lists 2” and more.
The “Equipment List” includes a serial number for each item, but the “Request Lists” has all the information except for the serial.
I have a UserForm that calls up the available worksheets (“Request Lists”) and then I can choose the suitable.
I have also managed to create a DoubleClick “check” function in Column A “Equipment List”, based on this information I would like to:
  • When pressing the “Export” button I would like it to compare the information in column C,D,E and F in the “Equipment List” with the same columns in the “Request List” that I have chosen. (ListBox1.Value)
  • Then based on the “Check” in column A, copy the unique “Serial” (Column B) from “Equipment List” and paste it to the matching row and column found in in the “Request List”.
  • Then bring the “Location” from the “Request list” (H1) to the location column in “Equipment List”
I have started working on the macro but have been unable to come up with anything useful.

Please understand my skills within vba Is limited, but I am interested to learn more and i am very grateful if anyone could help me.


  • Find and match.xlsm
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