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Mail Merge Excel data to PDF Form, keeping PDF form other fields available for input

Nancy Storey

New Member
I have a list of data that we need on a form. I am trying to figure out a way to avoid manually entering this data. After the information is entered, we have to forward it to many departments and needs several signatures. I found a website that would do this, (pdfzero.com) but the exported result is a pdf that no longer is in the form version for the future employees to fill in their sections.
Adobe sent a plug-in to me that was too old to use. I have Acrobat Pro DC.



Excel Ninja
Nancy Storey
Could You use Excel-file until all needed information has filled?
Signatures ... hmm? ... Do someone fill manually his/her name or so? .. then anybody could do that or so?
Those could come 'automatically' while filling results.