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Mail account not working in a formula


New Member
Hi all
Forgive me if the solution to my problem is trivial but I never came across this before. In a file created to handle the participants to a medical course, the cells in the column named "Email address" are used as a condition to identify uniquely the collegues and pickup other values (name, address, etc) to fill a form.
Yesterday I entered a new doctor with an email address made of 12 letters as username (without any symbol inbetween the letters) followed by an @ and the domain (tiscali.it).
The problem is that if the first letter of the name (an "f") is omitted or substituted by any other letter, the formula works fine, otherwise the calculation stucks.
Yes ! this sounds really very very stupid, but ... I cannot solve it. Can you please help me ?
Thanks !! :)


Excel Ninja
You could create a SAMPLE file with those Your challenge cases (with SAMPLE data)
as well as some which are okay and upload it here.