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Macros to repeat themselves ...


New Member
Hi everyone
I need the attached soccer prediction file to do a few things automatically.
although there are buttons for updating, I need to post it in my website, which means it has to be open on my desktop and update itself automatically without me around.
Specifically, I need it to update results every 5 minutes, Update Odds evrey 5 minutes and save the work every five minutes....
There are available macros already in the file for these functions, except I have to run them manually.
I took this from a friend who passed away, therefore I dont have the password for the VBA, BUT i am attaching a file whereby if you open BOTH at the same time and run the one macro in the Key file named Unprotected, then you unlock the VBA code in the second file..
If someone can help I will be greatly obliged!
Thanks in advance