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macro of data extraction of government bonds

you could help me with the creation of a macro that extrapolates, for each page, the price data of the government bonds.
The extraction must take place as indicated in the table of the web page with the addition of a column (column c of the file) in which the interest rate in the second column of the web table should be inserted.
Thank you


Thank you for your contribution.
I wrote macros because I have no idea how to update power queries because I do not have it :(
I would prefer a macro
Good evening.
I downloaded 32 bit power queries to use on office 2013 and noticed that it does not update the queries created here.
Is it possible to somehow upgrade from a different version?

I'm trying to try my hand at power quesry.
I noticed that it doesn't work with this site (I would like to understand why it doesn't work):

mantre works with these 2 others:

in trying to use the last one I managed to create a single table by joining those included in all the files. I am not allowed to delete the sheets of the individual tables. Why?

Then I tried to move on to the next step which consists of copying the tables of each individual bond (which can be reached by clicking on the name "the hyperactive link"). I can't save all the tables in one sheet. What should I do to do it?

Thank you