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Hi all,

We had an employee leave our district and we are trying to access data that is in a protected workbook where all of the sheets are password protected. Is there a way to access? We are not able to get in touch with her.



Excel Ninja
There are always reasons, why sheets are protected!
How many times and how long times,
have You tried to get in touch with her?
It would be the best way to get password.
You asked to 'break' file ... hmm?
How to know that You should able to get those datas from there?
Do You need ONLY data or what ?
Understood. I have had to lock plenty of mine for the integrity of the data. My supervisor has actually reached out a couple times. My understanding is that the employee didn’t leave on the best of terms so that is why there has been no response. I am now in the position. However, we would like to build on to this sheet without recreating the wheel. We need to add columns, formulas, new data, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.


Excel Ninja
Did You answer to last three questions?
San José
... How eg I can know that the next day an official will not contact me because of a breakthrough?
I do not think I understand. It is not that crazy because they are just budget numbers.

No worries. I can try other ways. I was just trying to save some time. Thanks anyway!


Excel Ninja
I found solution for myself.
This is one kind of example
... why protect sheets by password or actually no matter - use or not!
This sample do not even check those!
Open file and do just as it asks!