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Lookup highlighted data


New Member
Hey Chandoo, not sure if you have posted a trick on this. My problem is; I have a list of data (mix of text and numbers) from a1 to a100. say I highlighted in yellow, cells a2,a34,a48...and so on..depending what i want to select from the list. next day i get a updated list from an email. What i want to achieve is l want to transfer the same highlighting to the updated list. That is on the new list, data from previous list on cell a2,a34,a48 that was previously highlighted, needs to be also highlighted on this new list. However anything not highlighted earlier should stay the same. is it possible to do that?


Excel Rōnin
Hi, sampal!

Sorry for having missed your post.

First of all welcome to Chandoo's website Excel forums. Thank you for your joining us and glad to have you here.

As a starting point I'd recommend you to read the three first green sticky topics at this forums main page. There you'll find general guidelines about how this site and community operates (introducing yourself, posting files, netiquette rules, and so on).

Among them you're prompted to perform searches within this site before posting, because maybe your question had been answered yet.

Feel free to play with different keywords so as to be led thru a wide variety of articles and posts, and if you don't find anything that solves your problem or guides you towards a solution, you'll always be welcome back here. Tell us what you've done, consider uploading a sample file as recommended, and somebody surely will read your post and help you.

And about your question...

Give a look at this file:


Just advise if any issue.