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Locking Pictures, Shapes, and VB Code

indi visual

New Member
I would like to lock my entire page (pictures, shapes, vba code in all).


I still would like the end user to be able to utilize the entire page (with all of it's macro buttons and features).

I just don't want them to have access to the VB code, the resizing of any shapes or pictures, or the resizing of cells.


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Right click all your objects and make sure they are locked

The you need to lock the sheet

Goto the Review Tab, Protect Sheet, put a password in if required.

Tick what you want to allow the user to have access to, untick all others

Don't forget the password

indi visual

New Member
I should have mentioned what I've tried first.

I've actually tried that.

It seems as if no matter what I check or uncheck.

If the sheet is protected at all, the sheet is basically non functional.

Every macro, every filter button, everything completely locks up after I password protect it.

The only thing anybody would be able to do with this thing if I password protect it is scroll up and down.

Pardon my frustration Hui, I just wish the simple things were simple things. Surely I am missing some small detail somewhere.