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Lock & Unlock cell based on dropdown text field within same sheet


New Member
Hi all,
I need an code & sample sheet for this. I have an dropdown named as ( BRONZE,GOLD, SILVER, ) on cell G7 ( this is an Data Validation list item).

Below that I have an small table like this on same excel sheet . Default value will be zero/ blank for Test count filed for the If I select Bronze from the dropdown list on the below table/cell on same worksheet I must be allowed to enter value next to cell A1 ( X) other column in test count must be locked . if I select Silver I am allowed to enter test count value for A1 & B1 ( X & Y). whereas the other cell remains zero.

If I select Gold on drop down I am allowed to enter value for X, Y , Z.

by any chance if I change my drop down from Gold to Silver the value should reset as zero(Z) for last cell.

TypeTest countvalue
A1Xformula driven
B1Yformula driven
C1Zformula driven

Need macro for the below code. its tes count filed as ref below .

Marc L

Excel Ninja