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Lock the labels in a pie chart

Discussion in 'Discuss Data Visualizations and Charting' started by Dillina, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. Dillina

    Dillina Member

    Hello guys,
    I'm still here for your advice. :)
    This time I would like to know if there is the possibility of "blocking" the labels with the percentages in the chart.

    I have a hand (picture above the graph) :rolleyes:
    For the moment it is not dynamic and I have only entered January 2018, but in the future I will make it dynamic so that the months change.

    In this way, the image and the labels are perfect because I have placed them by hand but if I change the numbers in column B, (obviously the% change in the chart) labels, however, move .... :(

    Is there a possibility to block labels?
    So when I change the months, the thumb does not position itself in the place of the little finger (for example)

    I wait for good news !! :):awesome:

    Attached Files:

  2. Luke M

    Luke M Excel Ninja

    If position doesn't need to change, there's no need to use a graph. Let's just use your hand image and some floating text boxes. In the attached, you can see where I calculate the percentage, build the label text, and then linked it to the floating text boxes.

    Attached Files:

    Thomas Kuriakose and Dillina like this.
  3. vletm

    vletm Excel Ninja

    I would use 'Your hand' as picture with chart ... not separate
    (if You move hand or chart ... not match).
    .. and You can set Your fingers value places as Your hand needs.
    >> Something like this?

    Attached Files:

    Thomas Kuriakose and Dillina like this.
  4. Dillina

    Dillina Member

    What a BRILLIANT idea, Luke!!!! :eek:
    Me gusta muchisimo!!!! :)
    I try it immediately in my original file!
    Thank you very much!! :)
  5. Dillina

    Dillina Member

    Vletm!!! :)
    What can I say? In Italy we said " La classe non รจ acqua "
    I believe that in English is "The class is not water", but I do not know if it makes sense :rolleyes:
    It means that your level is always very high.
    Your solution is also WONDERFUL that I will try immediately.

    Thank you so much for your idea! :)
  6. Dillina

    Dillina Member

    Guys....you are always impressively good.
    Luke, I'm still thinking of your intelligence for a "simple" but very smart solution.
    Vletm very good as always!
    Guido too, Hui .... all of the champions
    I love Excel and with you, even more
    and sorry for my bad english

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