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Locating the pic used in header


New Member
I have an inherited workbook with a picture (company logo) in the header of most of the sheets. There are a couple sheets missing the picture. I could find a copy of the logo and add it to the sheets that are missing it but it made me wonder if it is possible to use the pic already in the other headers. Is this even possible?

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
Let's start with the obvious. What happens when you click on the picture to select it, Ctrl-C to copy it, turn the page, Ctrl-V to paste it?


New Member
When you click in the header section that contains the pic, you get "&[Picture]", you can't actually select the pic itself. All I can figure is the workbook caches the pics that are inserted like this so it has them available regardless where the workbook is moved/copied etc. Just can't figure out if it's possible to access those cached pics in some way (if that is indeed what Excel does).