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Links not working when I open up a 2003 spreadsheet in Excel 2007


New Member
We have recently upgraded to office 2007 and when I open my monthly file which was created in 2003 and is linked to several other 2003 spreadsheets, none of links will work, "#REF" now appears in all the formula's:

=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP($C13,'[HO-CORP01 - Overheads Final By Business Unit.xls]#REF'!$A:$L,3,FALSE)),,(VLOOKUP($C13,'[HO-CORP01 - Overheads Final By Business Unit.xls]#REF'!$A:$L,3,FALSE)))

I have tried opening up all all files and it still doesn't work.

I am also having the same problem with another file which has Graphs linked to other 2003 spreadsheets and the link for the Graphs doesn't update either.

Is there a fix? Please Help!!!


Excel Ninja
Staff member

#Ref errors occur when a cell, page or entire spreadsheet cannot be found, generally as they have been deleted

when you see this error don't save the file as if you can undo what edits you have made it generally fixes the problem

in your case it looks like a page is missing from the Ho Corp overheads by business unit file

- If you open it in 2003 is it still linked correctly?

- Try shifting all the files to a local directory like C:work you may have a problem with formula length if the file is on a network drive

- In 2003 can you rename the files to somthing shorter and without spaces

- Do you have a goodback you can retrieve and work on

- Have you tried replacing the #Ref error with the page name


New Member
I discovered that the file name length restrictions in 2003 (I think it was 256 characters) remain the same in 2007. I had the same problem and by shortening the names, the links worked.