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Linking 2 slicers conditionally



I was wondering if the following is possible.
On the attached file I want to do a true year-on-year comparison.
So if I select a date period using the slicer for a departure year, it would apply those filters to pivot table one, and then pivot table two would show the equivalent period last year for the equivalent departure year.

Eg: if i select Confirmed Date 1st Jan 2019 to 28th Feb 2019 and Departure Year = 2019,
it will display the above on pivot table one, but on pivot table two it will be showing Confirmed Date 1st Jan 2018 to 28th February 2018 and Departure Year = 2018.

Similarly if for the same date periods i wanted to see 2019 AND 2020, it would compare for 2018 AND 2019 on the dates in previous period (if that makes sense).

Attached sample file.

Many thanks