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Learning Monte Carlo


New Member
For years I have been fascinated with Monte Carlo simulations. One of the first programs that I ever used on a computer was a DOS program called Dogpak. The owner and writer of this program graciously offered it for free to anyone who wanted to download it. A major part of it was TIMESIM which was a Monte Carlo program.

It used the final times of the greyhounds entered in a race and simulated the projected winner x number of times providing the number of simulated possibilities of each entrant's wins and the resultant percentages. It gave me a great deal of enjoyment to see the results change as the times changed. I cannot get this program to open in Windows 7 or 10, I remember having to go through some gymnastics to get it to open and work in XP.

I have tried over the years to learn to do a Monte Carlo simulation, but have failed. I did get a random generator to work in Excel once, but the results only provided a good laugh! I have read and re-read "DATA TABLES and MONTE CARLO SIMULATION" quite a few times but I do not have the necessary background to grasp it.

Can someone help me with this?


New Member
Since posting this I came across a Monte Carlo program from England which is similar to what I wanted. It was free for download, so I did and checked it out. I liked what I saw, so I "messed" with it a bit and was able to get pretty close to what I wanted with a bit of modification.

Thanks to all of you who looked at this and thought about it.

Anyway, let's go ahead and mark it: SOLVED!