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latitudes and longitudes Road distance calculation


I'm looking to get road distances between 2 addresses. I have the latitude and longitudes of each address. The issue I have is I can't use the Haversine formula, as it's for mileage claims so needs to be road distances.

I'm aware of the google API stuff, but not really sure how it works, or how I'd go about implementing something like that into my scripts.

Can you please help me on this.



Excel Ninja
Go through link below.

And below (Google Distance API documentation), if additional parameter is needed.

Do note that you'll need to obtain API key from Google first. They no longer support keyless API request.

Edit: I misspoke, they changed pricing just recently. Go over their documentation before using API. As pricing has changed to pay as you go plan, and you may need to turn on billing option before use of API (I haven't used Google API in a while and haven't tested).
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