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Latest entry as per combination of date and time stamp (IST)


New Member
Hey i am facing issue with excel working i need to mapp the word "LATEST ENTRY" against each scenario keeping the date and time stamp in mind, newest one to be given the tagging of "Latest Entry". I cannot remove any records from the data sets only to identify the latest one and tagg them. I tried using Max(if) function but result not coming as desired.

Please help. Its urgent.


Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
This is essentially the same formula except that I never use direct cell references
By deliberately leaving the logical result as {0,1}, I can both use a number format such as
"latest entry";;"";@
to determine the visual appearance of the result whilst still treating it as a Boolean in formulas.

To return the email address that corresponds to the latest entry one might use
= VLOOKUP( MAX(STAMP), IF( {1,0}, STAMP, CustomerEmail), 2, FALSE )
or, better, in MS365,