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Join Excel School - Become Awesome in Excel


New Member
Hello Fellows,

I have an exciting news for you. Excel School online excel training program is now open for registrations.

It is an online program with over 20 hours of excel training videos, 40+ excel files with tons of examples and fully loaded with awesome ninja powerhacks to take you to next level in Excel.

Since you are a member of Chandoo.org forums, I would like to offer 10% discount to you.

[list type=decimal]
[*]Just go to Excel School Sales Page
[*]Choose the option you want
[*]Enter the discount code sumproductif
That is all! you are on your way to excel awesomeness
[/list type=decimal]

If you have any questions, checkout FAQ page (http://chandoo.org/wp/excel-school/faqs/ ) or post a reply here.

See you in Excel School. :)