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Job Task Rotation Schedule


New Member
Greeting everyone,

This is probably a simple one but I'm needing a push in the right direction. I just started a new job and would like to simplify/automate a task rotation tracking spreadsheet they use.

We have approx 40 employees who have to do a task on a rotation in order of last date done. It is not always in chronological order because someone may have been off when it was their turn so we have to skip to the next employee up and then we try to assign the skipped employee the next time or whenever they come back to work. Instead of manually analyzing dates for all the employees to see which person did the task the longest ago and is up for their turn, I would like to have the spreadsheet tell me who should be next and if possible who the next two in line are....kinda like green=up to bat, yellow=on deck, red=in the hole (to use baseball terms.)

I have searched the site but maybe I'm not using the proper name for such a schedule.

Any nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.