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Is there any way to show the percentage value in a 100% Stacked Column chart?


New Member
I'm currently displaying percentages in a Stacked Column chart. After realizing that rounding errors could throw off my displayed percentages, I decided to use the 100% Stacked Column chart. The limitation that I have in this switch is that I'm unable to display the percentage values in my chart. Any suggestions in how I can leverage the 100% Stacked Value chart AND still be able to display the percentage value?



Excel Ninja
Staff member
Instead of charting the data directly I would setup some helper cells where you do the conversions to 100% yourself

Then chart of the helper cells

Once charted you can select each series and set the Data Labels to display the value


New Member
Also, you can try Rob's free chart labeler addin to change the chart lables in umpteen ways. It might be helpful if you are doing this an awful lot of time.