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Is it possible to filter the range horizontally.


New Member
Hi All, This is Naseem working as an accountant, in Dubai.
I want to filter or hide the few columns with one click. Filter horizontally. Please can someone help me. Thanks
Reading between the lines, Grouping is definitely one easy to use option. Two other thoughts :
- If the intent is to frequently hide / unhide random columns (Groups will need definite set of columns), then excel shortcuts might help. Control +0 is to hide the selected column; Control+Shift+0 is to unhide. [Similarly, Ctrl+9 and Ctrl+Shift+9 is for rows]
- If the intent is to purely use as "filters" then my suggestion is to model a pivot from you data and use that for presentation, by standard filter.
A pure 'filter horizontally' feature does not exist as far as I know.


Excel Ninja
If still need to think about 'horizontal filtering' daily
... then let VBA do those routines 'by the one button', instead of keyboard combinations.
..speaking of buttons, I realize, the Pivot slicers might actually be the perfect approach as well - of course depends on what exactly Naseem is looking for ... maybe if a sample is shared the optimum approach can be suggested. #Think

Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
If by 'filter' you include formulas that build a new table using content selected from the first, then the new function FILTERS works both vertically and horizontally. I tend to avoid filters that work by hiding rows because they mess up other data objects I may have on the same sheet.