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Inverting a continuous data scale so visualisation appears with largest value at the left and smallest value at the right (revisited)

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Hi everyone, just revisiting this problem. The issue is no matter what I try, sort by column or create a custom sort by entering data into a table and setting up a sort order, the visual still comes out showing largest number on x-axis at the right and smallest at the left. The goal is to have the visual showing largest at the left and smallest to the right. The visual shows count of persons (ID) who opened and closed something so many weeks ago, eg person ID #1 opened something 10 weeks ago and closed it 9 weeks ago, person IDs #5 and 6 both opened something 8 weeks ago but closed 7 weeks and 1 week ago respectively. Unfortunately, it wont allow me to attach a power bi file so I will load the source excel file instead. Appreciated for your help.



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