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Inventory spreadsheet/forms for data input and retrieval


New Member
Hi folks,
So, im in the process of trying to set up a spreadsheet for inventory/stock levels at work.
I have no prior experience of office software other than Word.

I do not have MS Office but instead have access to LibreOffice and OpenOffice, I am hoping that the systems are similar and that folks are happy to give help for those programs.

I have got as far as making a 'Calc' sheet with headings, colours etc. I have also began to populate it, all as a test/practice.
I have to a degree learned how to add dropdowns to add data to particular cells, i.e for the Suppliers column, I have added a dropdown with a short list of our suppliers so that once an item is listed, then the suppliers column is easily filled from said list....
I have also been shown how to add basic formulae so that my 'Unit cost' column and 'Stock level' column will collectively add a figure to the column for 'stock value'.

I have worked out how to design a form (separately from above) , including labels and then next to each of those a text box or dropdown.

This is where things get tricky, I need to know what is the correct way to add a list of choices for dropdown boxes..... as so far, I separated everything with commas, and now if I use the dropdown to test it, I just get on big list of everything and not options....

I also need to know how to point the form at the spreadsheet so the data in the form goes somewhere.....
I would also like to know how or even if, I can have that form on other peoples computers so if they take something from stock they can update the spreadsheet and hence keep inventory up to date.....
I only really need this to work from within the building but eventually it may well need to work from outside locations too.

If any one needs an example of the stuff I've done so far then im sure I can furnish that...
It would also be handy to know, if I am actually going about this completely the wrong way for starters....

If anyone can help I would be most grateful.

Have a good day folks/enjoy the weekend.


Excel Ninja
I am hoping that the systems are similar
Unfortunately no. There are some similarities in functionality and formulas, but Excel and OpenOffice Calc are very different.

Especially under the hood and also in coding extensions. I'd recommend that you ask your question in OpenOffice forum.

Also for inventory control, I'd recommend that you use Base (ooBase) rather than Calc.