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Interactive-project-timeline textbox not limit 255


New Member

in the original file interactive-project-timeline there is a limit of 255 characters in TextBox3 visible in the sheet "Timeline", you can increase this limit to 1000 characters? How can I do?

Thanks, for your help.


New Member
Hello Narayan,

thanks for the quick response, the workbook is "interactive-project-timeline.xlsx".
To simulate the problem enough, write a series of text characters> 255 in the cell E4 of the sheet "Data", now then move to sheet "Timeline" to see the TextBox3, you'll see that the characters are truncated.
If you want I am attaching the sample with little problem?

Many thanks


Excel Ninja
Hi ,

If this is a file you have downloaded for free , you can attach it here , but if it is a paid product , which you have purchased , please send it to me by email :

narayank1026 [at] gmail [dot] com