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Inserting the letter c at the end of 5 characters in a cell

indi visual

New Member
I have 5 characters I would like the letter "c" placed at the end of. I've created a mark as complete button. My goal is to click the mark as complete button that adds a "c" at the end of characters in the cell.

I don't believe I can use a formula for this, because I can only place a "c" when the job is marked as complete.

I'm afraid a formula will just place a "c" down the whole column on everything.

A click sub macro button code that can offset 5 characters spaces would be golden.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
Have a look at John Walkenbachs, Power Utility Pack

It has a very neat Text Tool which will help you


There maybe other free utils on the net.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
You can add a very simple macro to a Code Module in VBA

and then link this to a Button or Shape on your worksheet

Goto the cell/cells where you want to add a C and click the shape/button which has the macro assigned to it.

Sub Addc()
Dim c As Range
For Each c In Selection
c.Value = c.Value + "c"
End Sub

Note the above code will allow you to select several cells at once and apply a "c" to the end of all of them.


New Member
Another trick is to use 5 column, and concatening with CONCAT() all the previous columns the latest will containt "C" mhen the job is done

Example :

A   B   C   D   E   F   G
1   2   3   -   -   C   =CONCAT(A2:F2)   ===> give "123--C"


indi visual

New Member
Hui and Cyril.

Thanks a mill.

I ended up using this:[pre]Sub INSERT_C()<br />
Dim myRange As Range<br />
Set myRange = Range("G10")<br />
For Each Cell In myRange.Cells<br />
Cell.Value = Left(Cell.Value, 10) & String(10 - Len(Cell.Value), " ") & "c"<br />
Next<br />
End Sub[/pre]

I modified the Len value accordingly to my needs.

As it happened, Hui helped me solve something else that eliminated the need for me to even need this in the first place.

That's what this forum is all about, finding more crisp and efficient solutions. The shortest point is a straight line.