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Indirect formula help


I have number of worksheets named "Data entry (1)", "Data entry (2)" ................ I have to prepare the summary sheet reflecting revenue and net profit for each company in the summary sheet. I am trying to put Indirect formula to get the numbers in the summary sheet but no luck. Can you please help.

=INDIRECT("'Data entry*" & ADDRESS(MATCH(A6,#REF!$A:$A,0),MATCH($B$4,#REF!$F:$F,0)))



Luke M

Excel Ninja
Your setup is confusing. It looks like you're trying to use the labels in col A to figure out which sheet to grab, but the sheets have the non-descriptivate labels of "Data entry (7)" rather than "Data entry QBQ".

IMO, I'd change the workbook design. First, get all the raw data on a single sheet and use formulas and pivots to split it out. I'd also probably move all the hard coded items together and put the formula columns to the right, so my users can easily type or copy in their data.