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Incentive calculation|| several condition || brainiac people will love this challenge


New Member
During an indian festival (Durga puja) our office provide bonus amount for our employee. Now there are several condition. this festival goes for 4 days. If you attend one day office you get 1000, second day 1200, third day 1500 and fourth day 2000rs. This is for roster employee. if someone is non roster and attend office then he will get 100 rs extra. This is based on total number of days. I have 300 employee and I used nested if. Do we have any alternate solution other then using nested if. There is one more condition that employee has to complete 8 hr time on floor excluding 1 hr break so staff time would be 9 hr.



Excel Ninja
Your criteria is bit vague at the moment.

I'd recommend giving 10 or so manually calculated expected result (or your current formula). It will make it much easier for us to understand nuances of your criteria/conditions.