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In cell pie charts


New Member

has anyone used in cell pie charts. I downloaded the practice sheet and everything was great. I even used some to paste in power point. But when I checked today the pie charts looked all weird.

Can someone please advise as to what I am doing wrong.



Excel Ninja
Staff member

make sure you use a large font, 20pt or greater

When you copy from Excel to Powerpoint try holding Shift and Click on Edit

Select Copy Picture and select the As Shown on Screen and Picture options

In Power point select Paste as Picture not Paste


New Member
Hi Hui,

Thanks for your prompt response. Maybe I wasn't clear, but for some reason even the excel pie charts changed into weird symbols in the excel sheet, but I was hoping this wouldn't happen to ppt. I had used paste special, will use insert object next time.

But I am not sure how to get the in cell pie chart font back, I have downloaded the pie4map script from the link a few times, but I still don't have the pie charts, infact if I download the file again, it doesn't contain pie charts either, but has the weird symbols


New Member
also, would like to mention that I tried restarting my computer and then downloaded the font, but same problem, no in cell pie charts :(

Any advise on this would much appreciated.

I think in cell pie charts are revolutionary and would really like to use them.


Active Member

When you download the font are you saving in the right place? Save it with the other Windows Fonts usually in



New Member
you are awesome. It worked. So now I have it in my fonts folder and pie charts are back!

Thanks for your help! Hopefully I don't lose them.


New Member
omg guys serious SOS this time.

So I put this great ppt together with lovely looking pie charts and then..........

I printed it, first all the pie charts were circles,

then I tried copy pasting using what hui suggested and now they all our all big dots.

Please help :(


New Member
okay, sorry I think I had a panic attack so posted a question before I exhausted all options I knew.

so tried pasting using object insert and it looks GREAT!!!