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In a sheet all cell value come to same column

Hi i am using the Excel 2013

In a sheet, all cell value come to the same column


This below in Sheet1 available

E1=3D SUMIF for multiple worksheets
F7=Dynamic lookup table with INDIRECT
E10=Count visible rows in a filtered list
E13=Sum visible rows in a filtered list
I13=Get address of lookup result

To be changed in Sheet2

In a sheet, all cell value come to the same column (line by line)

A1=3D SUMIF for multiple worksheets
A2=Dynamic lookup table with INDIRECT
A3=Count visible rows in a filtered list
A4=Sum visible rows in a filtered list
A5=Get address of lookup result

Kindly provide the VBA


Marc L

Excel Ninja
Hi !​
At very beginner level, I already saw children writing such a code, codeline sample (as you can write the others) : Sheet2.[A1] = Sheet1.[E4] …​
You even no need any code, just using easy formulas.​

Marc L

Excel Ninja
So explain your strategy in such case as it could be coded only if some logic exists behind …​
But for only five values it's easy to directly operate manually.​

thanks for the reply, it is more than 5 value, I have approximately 400 cell contents per sheet, difference column.

It would be variable the cells the sheet by sheet

this data get from someone the software.. so, I need arrange the data for order wise


A1, A3, B5, C3, E10, A5, etc.. so it cannot do manually in a short time... I expect the vba.. for time save...

so, I need the same column all cell content

Actual Data Column = Require Data column
A1 = A1
A3 = A2
C3 = A3
B5 = A4
A5 = A5
E10 = A6
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Marc L

Excel Ninja
You can easily operate manually a sort to 'remove' the blank lines then arrange columns …​

Or attach a 'before' workbook (raw data) and the expected result 'after' workbook accordingly​
to see if some Logic exists in order to be automatized …​