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Importing Data


New Member
I have a spreadsheet that I copy information into. There are eleven (11) Columns of information, with the different departments listed in column A. I would like to extract the information from this spreadsheet into a dashboard that would divide the information up between Department, Month, Budget, and Budget Actual. Not sure how to extract the data, could someone assist with this?



Excel Ninja
1) Do You have Your dashboard? If no then do it!
2) Do You have Your data? If no then get it!
3) Upload both (data and dashboard) here (one or two files)
4) Include clear idea of You needs.
Do You want to change Your own idea,
after someone would do something without You informations?


Excel Ninja
autoguy57 - I see, You don't need assist to extract the data!
There would be some challenges to do something with those information which You allow to give.
Just positive feelings - take care.