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importing data from pdf file..


I have taken a help from Chandoo's Portfolio Manager. The simple portfolio manager that Chandoo has designed is very good. I have a statement in pdf file where date-wise investment is listed. So as to update similar data in XLS file, I need to append this data in .pdf file into Excel. Need help pl.


I guess it may be possible to extract from a PDF in VBA, but I am guessing it is hard work. I use a third party tool, http://www.investintech.com/able2extract.html, and use that output.


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Adobe Acrobat reader allows you to select areas in PDF files and copy the contents as either text or as tables. I can't comment on other PDF readers.

Try each method and paste into Excel

You may need to do Columns to Text after that

See what works for you

If your only doing a few files a day I'd do it manually