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IF that = that AND that = that return that (Solved)


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I need to rebase the Banking Value (Col J) using the FX rate relevant to the Banking Currency (Col G) and the month (Col A)
The first instance of the currency should be fine as I need the Forecast Rate anyway.
Your help will be greatly appreciated


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i have answered but at excelforum
i seem to have linked to wrong question

i thought i saw and answered the same question at excelforum, i look it up and report back

oh well, having a senior moment or its been closed by admin or somehting

anyway here is a solution which may help

=INDEX(FX!$E$4:$P$273,MATCH(Sheet1!$G7&"forecast Rate",FX!$A$4:$A$273&FX!$C$4:$C$273,0),MATCH(Sheet1!$A7,FX!$E$2:$P$2,0))


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