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If condition ...

have project where i need to show traffic lights condition ..
If status < 33% of planned status then red If status >= 33 of planned and <66 then orange Else green
I cant figure out how can i the formaula


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HI ,YOU can to make by Conditional Formating As Following :
For Red ,You Can To Use
For Orange ,You Can To Use
For Green Color ,You Can To Use
and make the same format for Column B ,But Change A to B


I need in Coumn C .. i have project managment sheet Where us ineed to show whihich liestone in Risk and we are going to use this method which i mention


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Hi ,

Use a formula to copy the original actual status to any other column ; in the uploaded file , it is in column E.

Then use the same conditional formatting rule as before , but show only the icon.

Is this acceptable ?




Excel Ninja
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Hi Guido ,

Thank you.

But I came here just like that ; almost every question seems to be getting answered in a jiffy. Good to see all the old members like you , Peter Bartholomew , Chihiro , bosco_yip , Marc L , p45cal still giving great solutions.