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IF and/or VLOOKUP function?


New Member
Hi There,
I am relatively new to excel formulas and am looking for assistance please.
I am working on a spreadsheet where I want to plan the next few years financially.
When I put in a goal in the ’5 Year Goal’ spreadsheet, I would like the rows to automatically populate into the relevant completion year sheet.
I can't put it in year order because I want it to be so that if I think of something I want to do, I can just add it to the list.

So for example, in the 5 Year Goal sheet, I want to have my wedding in 2022, I would like that row to then populate in the 2022 sheet.
I then want it to skip any rows where it’s for another year and only input the relevant year I'm looking for.

For each successive year I would like it to do the same, i.e only putting data in from that financial year.

I tried doing it with the IF function and managed to do it, however it then leaves a blank row for each year where the specific information is not met '2022'.
How do I get it to not put in the blank rows and only go to the next row that matches what I'm looking for?

I hope this makes sense?
Any help is greatly appreciated :)