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IF and MIN Formula Not Returning Intended Result


New Member
I am trying to return a letter in Column N that returns the lowest number as the result. I am currently only able to return the number.

Formula: =MIN(IF((C2-$O$2)/($O$2)>0*(C2-$O$2)/($O$2),(C2-$O$2)/($O$2)),IF((C2-$O$3)/($O$3)>0*(C2-$O$3)/($O$3),(C2-$O$3)/($O$3)),IF((C2-$O$10)/($O$10)>0*(C2-$O$10)/($O$10),(C2-$O$10)/($O$10)))



Excel Ninja
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GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
Hi, not sure on what version you are, but maybe you need to confirm this formula with CONTROL + SHIFT + ENTER? If you are on newer versions try using MINIFS instead.