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Identifying Duplicates Across Row

Discussion in 'Ask an Excel Question' started by Jelizabug, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Jelizabug

    Jelizabug New Member

    Hi there!

    I've tried to find a way to do this simply, but I'm stumped. I have a rotating roster of people who will be assigned to different tasks. They can't do multiple tasks on the same day. I want to make sure I'm not duplicating names across each row.Conditional formatting works across a row, but would I need to highlight each row separately to keep it from trying to compare down the column?

    I know I could use COUNTIF, but I'd need to set up a complex formula to compare every single cell to each other cell in the row. I could also do an IF formula along the same lines (if D1=E1, etc). I'm hoping there's a simpler way that I haven't found.

    Any thoughts? I uploaded a workbook with sample values and some comments on what I've tried.

    I'll be happy to clarify if my question is as confusing as I think... Thank you!

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  2. David Evans

    David Evans Active Member

    See if this gives you what you need ...

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  3. p45cal

    p45cal Well-Known Member

    You can do this with conditional formatting. In the attached, the range D4:G16 all has the same conditional formatting applied in one hit.

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