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identify the boundaries of an area on google maps in order to identify all the points of interest in an area

When you search on gogole maps by entering a city, the area of the city is marked.

If I search for companies in the industrial area on google maps, companies located in the industrial area area (these areas are located near the cities and therefore outside the geographical area of the city) and businesses within the city area will appear.
I wondered how you could identify all the points of interest that are located within the industrial area, excluding all those included within the city area?


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I don't see how. Seems to me you'd have to overcome two very complicated puzzles:

1) Interpret the bit map to identify the parts of the city whose color indicates the industrial area. I have no idea how to break bitmaps down into data, but I'm sure it could be done.

2) Define "point of interest". Isn't that a totally subjective criterion? Do you mean Indian restaurants, civil-war battlegrounds, art museums, universities, sites of recent traffic accidents, addresses of famous genetic researchers, what?
in each city there are industrial zones.
They are areas where there are only industries. In practice, large companies that are located outside the built-up area.