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Identify Back Date Entry / Deals - Volume Report

ashish mehra

Active Member

We are facing 3 issues as of now:

1) Back Date Entry posted in system
2) Change in Loan Amount
3) Change in Loan Start Date column

Point# 1) There is a bug in our system that is allowing back date entry posting manually in system by Operation team. Till the system is developed we have to find manual way.

Point# 2) Initially Disbursed amount is 50k but after 2-3 months this could be 20k in addition to initial amount. We refer these as Partial Disbursed booked deals.

Point# 3) We have found that in some scenarios Loan Start Date is changed due to Partial Disbursed deals.

We have to make a model to overcome the above conditions in Volume Report.


ashish mehra

Active Member
Hi Deepak,

I have shared sample data for Volume till July & August with Output format of Volume Report.

The logic is once the Volume Report is made, this will be freeze. There will not be any change.