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I need help with formula to find out totals based on month.

I would like to know if there is a formula to find out the total of reports based on a specific month? For example, how many guest reports were made in all January month 2021?
Can you help me with that please? I am sending you the original file attached.

Thank you in advance.


Peter Bartholomew

Well-Known Member
The formula to study is COUNTIFS. The data was somewhat short of structure (Tables or Names or even headings/annotation) but here is a possibility:
  Table1[ReportedBy],   "Guest",
  Table1[DateReported], ">=1/2/21",
  Table1[DateReported], "<1/3/21" )


Excel Ninja
Staff member
F2: =SUMPRODUCT(($B$5:$B$298="Guest")*($A$5:$A$298>=DATE(2021,1,1))*($A$5:$A$298<=DATE(2021,1,31)))
F2: =COUNT(IF($B$5:$B$298="Guest",IF($A$5:$A$298>=DATE(2021,1,1), IF($A$5:$A$298<=DATE(2021,1,31),)))) Ctrl+Shift+Enter